One of the types of liquids that your vehicle can leak out is transmission fluid. If you have noticed that a reddish to brownish colored liquid is pooling up under your vehicle when you leave it parked for an extended period of time, the fluid that it is leaking is most likely transmission fluid. Here is how you can stop your vehicle from leaking additional transmission fluid.

Determine How Serious The Problem Is

The first thing you need to do is determine how serious the problem is. If your vehicle is only leaking a couple of drops of transmission fluid a day, you have a minor problem and leak on your hands. If you are seeing a large pool of transmission fluid gather under your car every time you park it, then you are dealing with a major problem and leak.

If you have a minor leak, the below steps should fix the leak altogether. If you have a major leak, the below steps are only a stop-gap measure and you should take your vehicle to your mechanic for further inspection and assistance.

Purchase Transmission Stop-Leak

Go to your local auto supply store and purchase transmission stop-leak fluid. It is generally sold in a small container and should not cost you very much. This fluid is designed to flow through your transmission and plug up any holes that it happens upon. If you don't have one already, you are going to want to purchase a funnel as well.

Add Transmission Stop-Leak Fluid

When your vehicle has been sitting for an extended period of time, and your vehicle is cool, pop open the hood. Then locate the transmission cap and remove it. If your transmission has a dipstick, you will need to remove that as well.

Place the funnel inside of the transmission fluid reservoir and pour the entire container of transmission stop-leak fluid into it.

Add Transmission Fluid

After you add the transmission stop-fluid to your vehicle, check and see what level your transmission fluid is at. There is a good chance that it may be low since your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. Add enough transmission fluid so that you are above the minimum fill line, but below the maximum fill line.

Next Steps

If the leak seems minor, keep an eye on how much transmission fluid your vehicle continues to leak. After a few days, when the transmission stop-leak fluid has been able to flow through your vehicle, the leak should taper off and stop.

If the leak seemed like a major one, get it into your mechanic as soon as possible to have it further inspected. Until you can get your vehicle into your mechanic, keep a close eye on your transmission fluid level and make sure that it remains above the minimum fill line. Click here for more information.