Roll top tarp systems are great for pick up trucks. They can give you extra security and provide storage space for your truck bed. When compared to a traditional truck camper shell, rolling tarp systems have several advantages. This article explains how they work and why they are ideal for so many customers.

What are Rolling Tarps

First of all, the material used for rolling tarps is not the normal polyethylene that you find in normal tarps. In fact, these tarps are made out of much thicker, stronger materials. For instance, some are reinforced with teflon. Basically, the tarp is much thicker than what you might think. It is also impermeable to water, so you don't need to worry about your belongings getting wet.

They are Easy to Use

The rolling top is easily engaged with an power switch. With the push of a button, you can easily open and close your tarp. Also, you can open it halfway. The power switch can only be activated when the key is unlocked. But, you can also pay for a wireless system. These are more expensive, but it allows you to open and close your tarp wirelessly. This is very convenient if you are carrying stuff to your truck and want to open the tarp without setting everything down.

They are Lockable and Secure

The locks on rolling tarps are very durable. When the tarp is fully closed and locked, it is nearly impenetrable. As mentioned, the tarp is thick and not easy to cut through. You can rest assured that you locked up items will be safe. Furthermore, possible thieves will not even be able to see what is in your truck bed, so they will probably be less likely to try. Normal camper shells have windows, so it is hard to hide valuables that are in your truck bed.

Conveniently Accessing Your Truck Bed

Perhaps the best feature of a rolling tarp is that you can still use your truck bed like normal. That is, when the tarp is retracted, it does not interfere with your truck bed. You can haul long pieces of wood that hang over your tailgate. You can haul tall items that would not fit in a normal camper shell. You can even open your tailgate, sit on it and easily access your truck bed from the side.

As you can see, there are many great features of rolling tarps. Contact a company like Glider Systems Inc for more information.