Many people still associate pickup trucks only with country living, but that stereotype is limiting. These vehicles offer many advantages for the city dweller as well. Owning a truck gives you a level of utility and safety that a car cannot.


Everyone needs to haul things from time to time, and a pickup truck offers you a convenient way to transport materials for home improvements. Instead of having furniture or other large items delivered, you can save money and haul them yourself. You will also become quite popular with your friends who are moving. The person with a truck has the power to make many people's lives easier. You can even use it to make a little money transporting items. 

A larger pickup allows you to tow recreational vehicles and trailers as well. If you live in the city, you need a reliable way to get to the country and enjoy yourself in the wide open spaces. If you need a stronger truck bed for hauling, you can always contact a truck bed manufacturer for more info.

Size and Mileage

Parking in the city can be difficult, so you can choose a smaller, short-bed truck for your use. You still get plenty of room to haul your cargo, but you are better able to maneuver the shorter vehicle. If you want a truck that can hold the entire family, however, you can purchase a crew cab model that sits up to six people. 

Some city dwellers avoided trucks in the past because they wanted a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Fortunately, many trucks now get impressive mileage. You can buy a pickup that gets approximately 21 mpg in the city and up to 29 mpg on the highway. Since the price of gasoline has recently become much less expensive, you can easily afford to operate a truck in city traffic. 


A truck offers you an advantage in case of a collision with a car. They are bigger and heavier than many other vehicles on the road. A truck's bumper is higher than a car's, which means the smaller vehicle will take the worst of any impact. On the busy streets of a city or large town, you will be safer in a pickup truck. 

Pickups are still the vehicle of choice for many in rural areas. They are increasingly the choice for those who live in the city as well. They are practical and safe vehicles, and they now offer better gas mileage than in past years. In addition, they can have enough seating for your entire family. Owning a truck just makes sense, no matter where you live.