The battery in your car is one of its most disposable parts, but due to their high cost and dangerous nature if left in a land fill, this process can quickly take its toll in a number of ways. If you seem to be blowing through car batteries, or if you'd like to cut down on your expenses or carbon footprint, then try out some of these easy ways to make your car battery last long. 

Clean as a Whistle

Keeping every part of your car clean is essential to its longevity, but this principle is especially true when it comes to your battery. One common place that is important to keep clean is the terminals, which can be blocked with corrosion and cause damage to the engine compartment and the battery itself.

Skip the gimmicky, messy solutions to this problem, like the myth about using cola as a cleaner, and instead use a solution of baking soda and water to clear corrosion. However, the chemicals therein are likely harmful, so use extreme caution and wear gloves. If the problem looks really bad, take your car to a professional and have them clean it out. 

Keep an Eye on Electrolyte Levels

One method to extend your battery life that is often overlooked is simply to maintain the levels of electrolytes in the battery, which can be done at home safely, easily, and cheaply. All you have to do is pop the cover off of the battery using a screwdriver and see if the electrolyte solution is of a sufficient level, either up to the fill line or above the metal plates in the battery. If not, simply pour some distilled water carefully and slowly into the solution, to avoid splashing any harmful electrolytes on yourself.

If possible, pick up a bottle of electrolyte solution at an auto shop as well, and pour that in instead of distilled water, as this will help even more. 

Control the Temperature

This one might be a bit more challenging to those living in a more extreme climate, but there's a solution for everybody. Investing in a thermal battery wrap for your car will help to keep the battery cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which translates to a longer life for your battery. 

If your car seems to be chewing through batteries, it may not be the car's fault. Instead, proper maintenance can extend the life of your car's battery tremendously, which is good news for you, your wallet, and your planet. (For more information on car batteries, contact United Battery Systems, Inc.)